Alle Produkte von UNiKA Electronic Europa

Unika Stage-Serie ISO-2 Dual Passive Isolator

UNiKA ISO-2 audio isolator


Unika Stage-Serie SDI-1 Single Passive DI-Box

UNiKA SDI-1 passive DI-Box


Unika Stage-Serie SDI-2 Dual Passive DI-Box

UNiKA SDI-2 passive DI-Box


Unika Phase Tester SPT-3rt

UNiKA SPT-3RT Phase Tester

SPT-3t Transmitter / SPT-3r Receiver

Unika NBB-0202 Front


2-Chanel Networked Audio Transceiver

Unika NBB-04R-T


Networked Audio Receiver/Transmitter

Unika NBB-1616 Front

UNiKA NBB-1616

Fully digitized 16 x 16 Break-in/Break-out box

UNiKA Professional Audio

Founded in 1985, UNiKA manufactures a wide range of professional audio equipment including digital and analog amplifiers, mixers, power conditioners, crossovers, equalizers, DI Boxes, and much more. UNiKA delivers excellence in customer satisfaction and always meets customers’ expectations according to their particular requirement. Based in Taiwan, we produce high quality and high performance audio equipment. And as a result of our long-standing collaboration with Taiwan’s largest audio equipment rental company, we have a clear understanding of both customer demands and the latest trends in the audio market. And in order to keep up with growing demand for our products, in February of 2013 we opened a new 6600 square meter factory in Toufen, Miaoli County, Taiwan.

Committed to high quality, UNiKA uses only the best components and materials for our products, products renowned worldwide for integrity in design, technical excellence and durability. This has earned UNiKA respect and trust as a manufacturer of high quality products to many of the world’s leading audio companies.
UNiKA’S R & D team is continually developing innovative audio products of the very highest quality, and our advanced testing procedures and equipment ensure that before being shipped out, every one of our products offers excellent performance and professional level reliability. We are dedicated to producing and delivering the best-quality audio products to our customers.