Networked Audio Receiver/Transmitter

The NBB-04R receives 4 channels of analog audio and converts them into Dante networked audio stream which in turn can be received by other Dante-enabled devices such as digital audio console or DAW; While the NBB-04T, in contrast, transmits 4 channels of analog audio converted from Dante networked audio stream which is distributed from other Dante-enabled devices.

Both NBB-04R and NBB-04T are equipped with two RJ-45 Ethernet ports so that several NBB- 04R/NBB-04T can be cascaded, i.e. in daisy-chaining, in the same network link. Also both NBB- 04R and NBB-04T can be powered by either PoE from Ethernet switch or 48V from external power adapter.

The NBB-04R and NBB-04T adopt Audinate Dante networking technology for audio transceiving, and are very network friendly with unlimited flexibility in topology of deployment. They support up to Layer 3 of IEEE 802.3 network standard, enabling you to organize your audio network with the on the-shelf Ethernet switches or to immediately transport streaming audio by taking advantage of your existing installed network facility with no hassle. Even better, every NBB-04R/NBB-04T comes with two Ethernet ports which allow you to physically cascade several NBB-04Rs/NBB-04Ts in the same network link. Accompanying with Ethernet switches, this capability helps NBB-04R/NBB-04T gaining flexibility and expanding territory in device deployment in audio networking.


  • Dante-enabled networked Audio Receiver (NBB-04R) and Transmitter (NBB-04T)
  • Streaming audio in robust standard Ethernet cable (a.k.a., Digital Snake)
  • Easily organize and expand network topology with Ethernet switches
  • Uncompressed 24-bit PCM coding with sample rate up to 96KHz
  • Two RJ-45 ports make Daisy-chain cascading feasible
  • Powered by either PoE or 48V adapter
  • Gain or Attenuate control for each channel
  • Phantom power engagement control per channel (NBB-04R)
  • A signal clip indicator for all inputs (NBB-04R)
  • XLR Combo sockets for both XLR and phone plugging (NBB-04R)
  • Routing and other configuration are set with Dante Controller software

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