OMNEO digital intercom

The ODIN Digital Intercom is a highly scalable intercom system in a 1RU (Rack Unit) package. As your capacity needs to evolve, a single ODIN can grow from 16 ports to a maximum of 128 ports. A maximum of eight ODIN units can be interconnected via an optical Inter-Frame Link creating a single matrix with up to 1024 ports. The total number of licensed ports may be allocated freely to any port hardware type supported by the unit.

The front panel has been designed to incorporate a User Interface as an alternative option to AZedit that supports the most common setup and configuration tasks. The AZedit and IPedit software applications have been updated to support ODIN.

Featuring connectors for AIO, OMNEO and two-wire technology, ODIN supports keypanel technology going forward and, as always, RTS legacy keypanels. OMNEO is standard on RJ-45 connectors or is available using optional Optical Fiber SFP connectors.

Three flexible redundancy options are available for multiframe ODIN systems: Backup and Restore, Frame Swap and Redundant Frame Operation.

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