2HE, 32 Keys Keypanel

KP-Series keypanels deliver superior digital audio using the Bosch-developed OMNEO which includes Audinate‘s Dante audio over IP technology, via either copper or fiber. The KP-Series provides high-quality audio, free of noise, delay and other artifacts present in older technology. The family includes a rich set of connectors as standard, including GPIO and RC. As with other RTS products, emphasis has been placed on backward compatibility with previous generations of matrices including analog technology.

KP-Series keypanels utilize the latest generation of wide angle TFT displays, providing superior clarity, resolution and longer display life, along with high-quality readability under a variety of lighting conditions.

The RTS OMNEO suit now fully supports Open Control Architecture (OCA) also known as AES70. RTS offers different firmware versions making it possible to load either OMNEO or RVON (RTS Voice over Network) protocol.

The power consumption of the KP-Series keypanels is reduced to almost fifty percent compared to previous keypanels, making them the most environmentally friendly keypanels of RTS.

Four new KP-Series keypanel models complement the KP-Series keypanels family in the entry level segment. Depending on the intercom environment, these products can be connected to both digital (KP-3016 only) and analog RTS matrices and utilized as entry-level keypanels while still offering the same intuitive, easy handling features. They can also be quickly installed in applications with predefined requirements where the comprehensive connectivity options of the existing KP-series models are not needed, but with the same consistent industrial design, hardware and software platform and high-quality audio performance.


  • Each keypanel features full-color HD displays offering well-balanced color, contrast and resolution. The keypanels are capable of displaying English, Kanji, Cyrillic, and simplified Chinese characters.
  • Intuitive, easy to learn operation with ergonomically designed listen/talk levers. All RTS keypanels have a consistent user interface and operation, which is intuitive and easy to learn.
  • Superior sound quality with design assistance provided by the Electro-Voice speaker engineering R&D group.
  • Backward compatible with existing RTS analog matrices and forward compatible with future-proof OMNEO IP architecture.
  • OMNEO technology onboard. The KP-3016 incorporates OMNEO media networking without the need for additional cards or add-ons.

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