Digital Speaker Station

The DSPK4 (Digital Speaker Station) is an IP-based version of its wired analog speaker station predecessor, with several key enhancements, such as high quality digital audio and the use of standard Ethernet, making it compatible and versatile to fit into any environment.
Building on the versatility, DSPK4 comes in three different variants: a desktop version, a wall mount version, and a flush mount version. There is a model for every situation. The flush mount version comes with 4-pin female, 4-pin male, or 5-pin female front panel XLR connector. The wall mount and desktop versions have all three XLR connectors. Power the DSPK4 via an external AC/DC power adapter, a DC +24 V terminal block, or by PoE+ / PoE+ + (Power over Ethernet). In addition, you can have peace of mind when powering the DSPK4 local DC power because PoE+ / PoE++ is ready to take over as a redundant power supply with no interruptions if the unexpected happens.
The DSPK4 has a full-color TFT display and an iconbased menu interface, which allows for local configuration of essential customer preferences.

Desktop and Wall Mount devices come with 4- and 5-pin headset connectors.
Supports connections to an OMNEO Main Station (Digital Party Line) or an OMNEO capable matrix (ADAM or ADAM M with OMI installed or ODIN).
Features a high-resolution TFT display, allowing user setup and configuration using an iconbased GUI.
Supports power redundancy from an external DC power supply or the Local +24V terminal block to PoE+ / PoE++
Supports Bluetooth audio connectivity via Bluetooth enabled USB dongles

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